Civil War Museum

The museum recently reopened on 6th July 2020. The museum was introduced in the year 2008. The main focus of the museum is with respect to the contributions made by the Upper Middle West –including Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana, in context with the Civil War. The given states were responsible for playing a major role as these provided troops as well as supplies to the given cause. This happened even when there were no battles in the given region.

The exhibits at the museum are known to concentrate on personal stories belonging to people from all possible walks of life as well as circumstances. Children, men, and women from multiple ethnic backgrounds had experienced life –both during as well as after the way, in varying ways. It is with the help of the given series of unique stories that the visitors at the museum get to learn about the overall causes & effects of the Civil War in America and its overall impact on the given regions.

The Veterans Memorial Gallery at the museum is known to honor all the soldiers and veterans of the United States of America from the period of the Revolutionary War to the modern-day conflicts.

The museum also allows you the opportunity to go through gift shops and browse free programs available for both families as well as adults. The museum also offers access to workshops and classes –including workshops on genealogy. The museum is also known to organize SPARK –a free program on a monthly basis for people living with symptoms of early to mid stages of memory loss along with the respective care partners. The participants in the given program can engage themselves in storytelling, lively conversations, object handling, interactive experiences of the exhibit, and various other types of multi-sensory activities.


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