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How to Find a Roof Leak

No one loves finding water all over the floor leaking from their ceiling. And even though water is one of the essential basic needs, we don’t want to flood our homes. Roofs do all the protection, and that’s why they cost thousands of dollars to install one or repair. That said, roof leaks can cost you a bunch, and its identification is essential. Roof leaks can come from several reasons: flying debris, damage from hail, rot, pests living inside the roof, or bugs. Luckily, there are effective ways to find roof leaks before they spread and make repair or replacement inevitable. 

Things to Look Out For?

The first way to notice a leaking roof is, of course, seeing water leaking from the ceiling. But before a leak reaches this stage, you can use other methods to check for leaks. Since water will finally leak to the ceiling, you can check for off-colored stains and uneven surfaces in the ceiling. It could mean the ceiling is soggy and has a severe structural problem. Plus, if you go on the outside and notice any damaged shingles, then there’s a high chance that your roof is leaking. 

Check the Attic

While shingles may show the potential of a roof leak, it does not pinpoint the right location where the leak comes from which calls for a deeper dive. And what a better place to go than the attic? Get yourself a hand torch and check the attic for any mold growth or mildews, discolored stains, and any rotted out wood. It is one of the most accessible locations you can access to find a roof leak. If you don’t have an attic, then it means you have to find a ladder and climb up to identify the leak from outside. 

At this point, it is essential to consider the services of a professional. Not everyone is good with heights, and you don’t want to risk breaking a bone for simple leak detection. A professional will have the experience and expertise to quickly discover the cause of your roof leak and prevent it from further spreading.

No Water? Make It Rain

If you can’t locate a roof leak with these simple inspection tips, then it is time to go on a rain dance. Find someone to help you do this. Go to the roof and, using a hose, soak each part of your roof as the other person inside finds a leak in the house. Have them shout once they notice a roof leak. The method is not fast, and you need to move slowly after each section of the roof, pouring water for several minutes. If you find an area with a roof leak, remove the shingles slowly to find the exact location of the leak. 

If you notice the leakage is not a simple DIY fix, then consider hiring a professional as soon as possible. They will determine the extent of your leak and give repair estimates, providing possible solutions like: 

Replace roof flashing 
Total roof replacements 
Install heat cables 


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