Kenosha Lighthouse

The Kenosha Lighthouse is also known to feature several different names like the Kenosha Light or Southport Light. It is a famous lighthouse of the area along with serving as the keeper’s house. The lighthouse is situated on the Simmons Island –towards the north of the channel into the harbor of Kenosha in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

The Kenosha Lighthouse also goes by the name as the Old Kenosha Light. The lighthouse had been replaced in the year 1906 by the Kenosha North Pier Light. However, the keeper’s house has continued to remain as it is for several years.

The Kenosha Lighthouse has been listed in the list of the National Register of Historic Places in the form of Kenosha Light Station. It has served to be an active aid for navigation since the time of 1996. However, it has not been listed on the light list representing the United States Coast Guard Volume VI. The lighthouse is known to stand at 50 feet in its overall height. The lighthouse is owned privately. Still, it is known to continue serving as the active lighthouse along the Kenosha Harbor.


The lighthouse serves to be a community destination for art enthusiasts and artists from all corners. The premises offer opportunities for showcasing works along with providing working space as well as relevant support. Near the lighthouse tower is the keeper’s house. Currently, the structure is known to be maintained by the Kenosha County Historical Society and the City of Kenosha. The lighthouse is known to be visible from the city of Kenosha from the 4th Avenue and the 50th Street 

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