Petrifying Springs Park

The park is quite scenic and situated at Hwy. 31 & Hwy. A. The park is home to a series of natural springs, streams, and rivers. Moreover, there is also the presence of several playgrounds, picnic areas, softball diamonds, volleyball courts, shelter rentals, a golf course that is public, and a sledding hill featuring light as well as night-time sledding. There is also the presence of an impressive Carlisle Family Dog Park that remains open throughout the year.

The park features two permanent chess tables that are outdoors for the entertainment of the visitors. The given chess tables have been installed permanently such that the visitors can bring along their checkers or chess pieces to play and enjoy themselves.

The park has served to be the home to the artesian well since the time of the 1930s. A typical artesian well is known to consist of the groundwater mechanism by overcoming gravity and flowing upwards through the channel without any requirement of pumping. The artesian well situated at the impressive Petrifying Springs Park is all-natural and features pure spring water. The visitors as well as the locals alike bring over their empty water jars to fill up with the refreshing water of the artesian well.

The well at the park is situated at its north end towards the first parking lot, and there is no cost of visiting the same. The park also offers access to snowshoeing and cross country skiing across all its trails. There is a proper light sledding hill situated at Area 2 of the park. The cross country skiing tracks at the park are also well-lighted –across the golf course. The overall length of the night ski trail is around 3000 feet. The Petrifying Springs Park remains open for the public on all days.


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