Simmons Island

Simmons Island at Kenosha is a quiet, protected area or marina that is known to be a fun-filled place for the tourists and locals alike to come and visit during weekends or holidays.

Simmons Island is situated on the Michigan Lake and features a separate Simmons Island beach area as well. The Simmons Island Beach is a public lakeside beach area featuring a boardwalk. The entire Simmons Island area is known to feature the presence of two historic lighthouses, a paved bike trail, and a playground for the public. Moreover, the beach area of the island also serves to be the open air picnic pavilion alongside the public park.

The Simmons Island is known to be situated adjacent to the Michigan Lake along with a series of other ponds and lakes around. There is a proper playground at the beach area as well. Therefore, if you are visiting the park with kids, then they can easily indulge in playful activities while allowing you to relax and unwind yourself.


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